Malaga: weekends, holidays and celebrations.

There are many ways to have fun and relax, for every moment there are different destinations and the «city of the sun» in Spain gives you a paradise in every possible way. When talking about the «city of the sun» you have to know that it is located in the south of Spain in the province of Malaga.

Where the climate is warm all year round, its average temperature is 19 degrees, and it gives you sunny days almost all year round. Getting to Malaga is really easy and has services such as Malaga transfers that makes it a pleasant stay from the moment you arrive. If you want to travel for a weekend, get to know its beaches, enjoy its nightlife, its boat trips, and all its resorts this is your ideal destination.

The province of Malaga is known for its excellent tourist attraction, its divine food and its dreamlike landscapes. It allows you to enjoy many packages accessible to any pocket, to enjoy from a weekend to all the time you want. It is also known for being a great place to celebrate, bachelor parties, weddings, birthdays or even to go on vacation. Arriving is really easy and even economical, you can fly and enjoy the Malaga airport transfers. Here you will see several places and activities that you should schedule for your next celebration or vacation:

Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol is one of the most touristic places in Spain; it has attractive beaches, parks, nightlife and relaxation worth enjoying. It has a great variety of theatres and nightlife to enjoy and get to know, and it is also known for its high water sports, and even for the great golf lovers, it has the highest concentration of courses to enjoy this sport.It has excellent attractions in theme and water parks such as «acuavelis», «Funnybeach», among others. It also has several zoos and aquariums to enjoy with family or friends. Thas many cultural spaces and events all year round such as its famous film festivals, and musicals, air and sea shows. You must also take into account its beautiful natural landscapes that are worth knowing. Costa del Sol offers you its different marinas, including Puerto Banus and the beautiful Marbella which you have to visit.

Puerto Banus

This port is known as one of the most interesting points on Costa del Sol, which has excellent fame and international prestige. It has a gold medal to the tourist doctor and the «international gold mercury» thanks to its significant contribution to the culture and tourism economy.Puerto Banus has the famous boulevard of fame, which is perfect to see and meet all the characters that made Marbella such an excellent place for tourists. Also in this port, you can find an endless number of shops of recognised brands such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Luis Vuitton, among other shops that fill it with splendour. It is the fourth largest marina in the world by anchorage. And it has a great variety of maritime attractions to enjoy, including great entertainment.


This city of Spain is integrated into Costa del Sol and is part of the so-called «city of the sun», which has many attractions to enjoy, especially its grand promenades like the Marbella Boat Party.The Mediterranean waters that Marbella offers you along with its beautiful white sand beaches welcome you to a city full of entertainment. You can’t forget to visit it:

  • The old town: where you can enjoy its great wall that divides the high quarter from the new quarter of Marbella, as well as its Orange Square and its beautiful architectural houses of the Renaissance – Gothic.
  • Historic Ensanche: where you can enjoy the famous botanical garden and its avenue to sea.
  • The Golden Mile and New Andalusia: it is approximately four kilometres that separate Marbella from Puerto Banus, and on this route, you will find the most luxurious residences in the area.
  • San Pedro Alcántara: also known as the cultural centre of the ingenuity, and which enjoys different colonial designs worthy of admiration. It is also where the Guadalmina River and the most important historical sites of the city of Marbella flow into the sea.
  • Las Chapas: where you´ill find the site of Río Real and can enjoy delicious meals.
  • Beaches: Marbella is divided into 24 beaches with beautiful waters and different forms of entertainment.
  • Nightlife: Marbella has many nightclubs where you can enjoy the whole night out, like their various parties in Marbella Hen Do.

The ports that the city of Marbella has are also great attractions to enjoy their boat rides, their sea parties, bachelor parties and even weddings. Marbella or also known as «the jewel of Costa del Sol» or «jewel of the sun» is a holiday paradise that you can not miss.

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